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Purchasing a new home is one of the most exciting, and nerve-wracking things you can undertake. Most of us only do it a handful of times throughout our lives. Your home is likely your most valuable and important possession, and obtaining your purchase mortgage loan may be your largest personal financial transaction. Because of this it is important to have an experienced, knowledgeable, and trustworthy Mortgage Consultants like those at Pike Creek Mortgage on your team.

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When shopping for a mortgage loan for the home you plan to purchase there are several things to consider. Obviously the rate and fees are extremely important. The fees are what you will pay at application, closing, and throughout the loan approval process to obtain the loan, and the rate helps define the interest you will be charged in exchange for lending you the money. Pike Creek Mortgage offers some of the most valuable fee combinations available.

It is also important to work with a lender who can process and close your mortgage loan smoothly and quickly. If a closing date must be pushed back on a refinance loan it can be inconvenient, but on a purchase home loan it can mean losing the home you have been dreaming about! You can trust the professional loan officers at Pike Creek Mortgage to care about your purchase financing as if it was their own.

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